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Tue, Mar 3, 2009

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There is no doubt about it. The internet has made the world lazier. Whether at work or home, the vast majority of people connected to the net have become obsessed with it. Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Blogs, Entertainment, News, etc, etc, etc…we’re ADDICTED! At home it’s not a big deal, but at work it can become a problem. Especially when your boss is crawling up behind you and sneaks a peak at your screen, and you’ve got the latest ESPN scores up. It would be nice to quickly hide what you’re reading huh? Well, that’s what I’m here to talk about today.

BlindBossKey is a simple application that runs in your system tray, awaiting a hot key sequence, to hide whatever processes you have specified.

After you simply specify active Windows, active processes or any program that you’d like to hide in the program, you can quickly enter your specified hot key sequence and instantly all program minimize into that system tray. A system tray icon that you can modify or even hide as well.

One of the other nice features of BlindBossKey is the ability to specify what program you’d like to come to the forefront. So now, when you’re boss approaches and you’re supposed to crunching those accounting numbers, you can add that special workbook as the “Top” item.

A very handy utility to continue making it look like you are productive, but really aren’t. Other then that, this program really has no other use that I can think of.

Link: BlindBossKey-Lite

via Techie Buzz

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