Five Big Reason’s behind Windows Vista’s Demise

Tue, Oct 14, 2008


Found an excellent read over at the ZDNET blogs that really was the most spot on comments as to why Windows Vista has failed for what it set out to do.  Far and why the #1 reason for me and my business is #1, plain and simple.  Here’s a preview…with the full story at the bottom.

5. Apple successfully demonized Vista

Apple’s clever I’m a Mac ads have successfully driven home the perception that Windows Vista is buggy, boring, and difficult to use…

4. Windows XP is too entrenched

In 2008, there are now over 1.1 billion PCs in use worldwide and over 70% of them are running Windows XP

3. Vista is too slow

For years Microsoft has been criticized by developers and IT professionals for “software bloat” — adding so many changes and features to its programs that the code gets huge and unwieldy…

2. There wasn’t supposed to be a Vista

It’s easy to forget that when Microsoft launched Windows XP it was actually trying to change its OS business model to move away from shrink-wrapped software and convert customers to software subscribers…

1. It broke too much stuff

One of the big reasons that Windows XP caught on was because it had the hardware, software, and driver compatibility of the Windows 9x line plus the stability and industrial strength of the Windows NT line. The compatibility issue was huge…

ZDNET Full Story

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4 Responses to “Five Big Reason’s behind Windows Vista’s Demise”

  1. Shoban Says:

    I bought a laptop which came preinstalled with Vista. I changed it to Xp the very next day! in simeple words Vista sucks for me!! Not at all an OS for developers!! Hope windows 7 atleast makes a difference.

  2. Madhur Kapoor Says:

    I guess the main reason was due to its high requirements. And Microsoft also released so many versions with the Vista Ultimate being the best one.

  3. Allan Says:

    I can’t go from XP to Vista. XP has become too familiar.

  4. thefix Says:

    I’ve rolled back a few machines in my business. The negatives far outway the positives. Windows 7 could make or break Microsoft’s OS market share.