Extend Your Taskbar to Multiple Monitors – MultiMonitor TaskBar

Mon, Nov 3, 2008

Freeware, Windows

It’s hard to believe that with as cheap and as popular as LCD monitors are becoming, that an application such as Multimonitor Taskbar, hasn’t come along with several other competitors.  My old job I used a dual monitor setup, but always found it extremely annoying that the Windows Taskbar did not extend to the second monitor.  I did my research and came up with the amazing application, called UltraMon.  Ultramon simply extended your taskbar to your second, third, or sixth monitor, and display the application as it should, on the secondary monitor.  The fallback, a single license ran $39.95 and although worth it, was still a lot of money for what it did.  I spent hours, days and months trying to find a freeware app, that did the same thing, but never did.

Well finally, just a few years later…Martin, the genius over at GHacks has finally come up with a free application that does the same thing.

The program is simply called ‘MultiMonitor Taskbar’ and does everything that Ultramon does, offers a freeware version, but also offers a Pro version.  The pro version adds theme support, more flexibility with windows movement, and a few other minor features.  The free version gives you essentially everything you need, and much more.

So, if you do have multiple monitors and are using Windows Vista or XP, you need to jump on this incredibly user friendly and stable application.

MultiMonitor Taskbarvia GHacks

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15 Responses to “Extend Your Taskbar to Multiple Monitors – MultiMonitor TaskBar”

  1. Madhur Kapoor Says:

    This is nice. I have an old monitor lying at home. Thinking of using it now.

  2. Tim Says:

    @Madhur Kapoor -

    Yeah, I wish I had extra monitors lying around.

  3. Alex Fadeyev Says:

    Let me turn your attention to another clever peace of software that has a bunch of multi-monitor abilities (such as multi-monitor taskbar with the Start button on each display, Task Switcher window cloned onto all monitors, fast switching of windows between monitors, and many others) – Actual Window Manager (http://www.actualtools.com/windowmanager/). It also has many other useful tools besides the multi-monitor support so that I suppose it deserves a try, at least (though it’s not free but many users worldwide consider it worths its price).

  4. T.J. Says:

    @Alex Fadeyev – Awesome, thanks for the additional info.

  5. Kris Says:

    I have an old monitor just laying here. I think i will use it again now :)

    Thanks for the post !

  6. Rize Says:

    Yeah, I wish I had extra monitors lying around.thanks.

  7. vrbo Says:

    Great tips thanks! Just forwarded over to my partner he has three monitors hooked up and is going crazy duplicating the start menu on all! Thanks again!

  8. T.J. Mininday Says:

    @vrbo – Glad I could be of assistance.

  9. TKMTECH Says:

    If anyone is using windows 7 this works, and ultramon does not.

  10. fix computer Says:

    I use this multiple monitors in my office and since I have this configuration, I swear my productivity has increased by 50% .

  11. Kevin Daste Says:

    I use UltraMon on my second Monitor at home and it works great.

  12. snsfox pc Says:

    I gave MultiMonitor Taskbar a try and its better than ultramon

  13. Young Composers Says:

    Windows 7 is out?

    Anyway, this comes in handy for designers. It is always useful to have 2 monitors for design to increase real estate. This is a perfect tool, thanks!

  14. Alex Says:

    I’d like to add some more info on already mentioned Actual Window Manager (http://www.actualtools.com/windowmanager/).
    In the recently released version 6.0, there’s tray (aka notification area) mirroring in all the versions of Windows starting from Windows 2000 up to Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bits, and also the clock.
    Now AWM’s secondary taskbars look very much the same as the standard taskbar.

    Actual Tools also released Actual Multiple Monitors product, which contains a sub-set of Actual Window Manager (http://www.actualtools.com/multiplemonitors/) features specific to the multiple monitors support, such as multi-monitor taskbars and task switchers, multi-monitor wallpapers and screen-savers etc.

  15. Mike Ashland Says:

    Doesn’t work on 64 bit Windows 7 :(