Network Solutions Provides the Perfect Solution for Private Domain Registration

Thu, Jun 9, 2011

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If you have own your own website, then you will be required to register a domain name. However, there are a number of advantages to be had from investing in domain private registration.

When you register the domain name of any website, you are required to provide a certain amount of information for the WHOIS directory. Being registered can have a number of benefits in terms of enabling internet security. This can be particularly useful if you own a business website, as the WHOIS directory can help combat the risk of fraud, and build your customers’ confidence in your online shopping facilities.

However, this form of public registration can have its drawbacks. Making contact information public can make you a target for spam and even identity fraud. If you’re keen to avoid receiving a lot more junk mail and telesales calls, you might consider private domain registration instead.

Private domain registration is usually a quick and straightforward process which allows you to gain the same control over your domain name as you would have with a publicly registered address. The personal address and contact details which you would usually use to register your domain name are replaced with those of the registration company.

This allows your personal information to stay much more private, while your site will continue to benefit from the verified status gain through registration. This can be a great way to avoid spam emails and as well as junk mail, which can actually have a negative effect on the efficiency of your business.

It can also help help to protect your company from fraud and ‘data miners’. Data mining is the process of extracting personal data (as might be found on your WHO directory entry) for statistical analysis or marketing precision. However, both processes can prove a hindrance, or even detrimental, towards the efficient functioning of your own business.

Many private domain registration providers also offer a service by which they are able to filter the emails that are sent to the email address you have provided. So, although you will be withholding your personal email address within the WHOIS directory, this doesn’t mean that you will miss out on messages from those who are genuinely attempting to contact your or your business. Emails which are not spam or junk mail will then be forwarded to a designated email account for you to read.

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Easily Hide Your Browsing Activity with Chrome Icognito Switcher

Fri, May 28, 2010

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One of the great features recently implemented by just about every browser is the ability to hide your browsing activity. Many people have many different reasons for doing so, but the fact is is that it is used on a regular basis by all of these people and it’s here to stay.

Google Chrome makes it easy to switch to it by simply adding it as a sub-menu option, but why not make it even easier with a Chrome Plug-in that adds an incognito button to you menu bar. This great extension does just that.

Link (via gHacks)

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Get an Overview of Windows Shortcut Keys with ActiveHotKeys

Sat, May 16, 2009

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Most people don’t know it, but there are dozens and dozens of Windows shortcut/hotkeys out there for you to use. Whether it be using the Win, Ctrl, Alt or Shift, there are plenty to choose from. The issue that most have with it though, is that none of us really know what they are and some of us want to create our own with the available ones. (more…)

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Device Remover is the Best Windows Device Manager Alternative

Fri, May 15, 2009

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One of the many built-in Windows system tools that still lacks in many ways, is the Windows Device Manager. Getting to the deep down details of the hardware installed on your system can be annoying via the default Windows method. I’ve previously seen many alternatives to other utilities within Windows, but none in particular for the Device Manager. That’s why Device Remover caught me off guard, and I was pleasantly surprised. (more…)

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Run Applications on a Virtual Hard Drive with Sandboxie

Sat, May 9, 2009

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With any new application that’s installed on your computer, there’s always a worry that it’s going to possibly infect your system with something. Some worry more than others, but why should this be such a worrisome. It would be nice if you could isolate any application from the rest of your critical programs. You can run them in a complete virtual environment with VMWARE or Microsoft’s Virtual PC, but that can be time consuming and time is something a lot of us don’t have. There is another great alternative though. (more…)

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A Simple View of Windows Programs Auto Starting

Wed, Apr 29, 2009

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There are several different places that Windows looks to find programs starting automatically. There’s a couple of different places in the registry, services and of course the Windows Start-Up folder. You can of course modify these files and registry entries manually, but you can also do it with built-in Windows apps such as MSCONFIG. These still aren’t quite as easy as programs such as AutoStart Explorer though.

AutoStart Explorer is a simplified view of all the items that start in one for or another on your Windows machine. You can not only view all of these items, but also have the ability to modify them as you please, retrieving those always needed system resources. (more…)

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